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Do you have an interesting story, point of view or offering regarding vacationing in Anaheim, California? We want to hear from you! Please read our writer guidelines carefully for our article guidelines and submission instructions.

VacationInAnaheim.com features articles that concentrate on types of family-focused activities and travel tips that Orange County vacationers can enjoy.  We welcome submissions from local area bloggers, past visitors, travel bloggers, local businesses, etc.

Articles submissions must have:

    • Explanation of what the activity or location offers and why, with links included at the bottom
    • Original content!
    • 3-5 Photos, which you have the rights to

Tips for writing a must-read article:

  • Originality: Your article should be a fresh piece with original content and a unique point of view on a subject. Take a look at what is already on this site and see if your topic has been covered. If it has, does your piece have new, valuable information?
  • Be specific: Our readers may or may not have been to Southern California yet. Plenty of our readers are from out of the country and have never been to the U.S. before. Therefore, it’s best to assume they don’t know the I-5 from the PCH.  Be specific about the locations and offerings.
  • Avoid Clichés: Don’t fall back on the common language used to describe travel experiences. Tell us what’s so special about it in your own words. Try to avoid bland, over-used words such as “fun”, “exciting”, and “nice.”


Avoid articles about “Local Music” or a piece called “Music during our Family Trip”. Instead, show us something with the title “Experiencing [Local Concert] with Young Kids in Irvine”. We hope to build a large library of fun ideas, so the more specific the better!

Another idea is staying away from “Disney Adventures with Kids”. We rather see something like “Tips for Enjoying Disneyland with Little Ones on a Rainy Day”.


We accept submissions between 500 and 1,000 words. All submissions should be sent to info@vacationinanaheim.com. Please submit your complete article as an attached Word document for consideration. We will now consider a well thought out pitch if it shows you’ve done your research and understand our mission. In your email, please include the following:

          • Your full name
          • A brief overview of your background and experience
          • Article title and word count
          • A short two or three line bio
          • Links to your blog/company site, clips, or other work

Subject of the email should be “Article Submission”. We will do our best to respond to every message within 2 weeks. If your work is accepted, you will be asked to submit accompanying photos which you have the rights to share. VacationInAnaheim.com retains all rights to accepted pieces and content cannot be used elsewhere.