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VidCon at Anaheim Convention Center

VidCon, a portmanteau of the words “Video Convention”, is the world’s largest meeting centered on the creation and consumption of internet videos. The event is held every summer at the Anaheim Convention Center.

VidCon is the product of Hank and John Green who were early entrants to the online video community. At the time of this article the Green brothers have over 500 million views.

VidCon was first held in 2010. It has grown in great leaps each year. The convention is more than just an industry conference where people can establish important business contacts. As their website states, it is also a huge celebration.

The massive event brings together industry leaders, talent, creators, fans, brands, and others. Nearby hotels book up quickly and tickets sell out even faster so it is important to plan as far ahead as possible if you want to attend VidCon.

The convention features interviews with creators, performances, live vlogging (video blogging), panels, meet-and-greets and plenty of other activities.

VidCon held at Anaheim Convention Center every yearThe people who make VidCon possible also negotiate a special Disneyland ticket price for convention goers.

Are you interested in attending VidCon but worried about the cost? Here’s an insider tip: volunteer at the convention and save some money! Volunteering can be very rewarding and allows you to help make the event a reality. You will miss some performances and panels but the savings may just make up for it. For more information visit the VidCon Volunteers page.

If you want to learn more about VidCon all you have to do is visit youtube.com, type “vidcon” into the search bar, hit enter and watch some videos. You can find anything from how to pack for the convention, to coverage of the event, fan vlogs, and more. Expect plenty of snarky humor and quick-talking.

Here’s a last bit of VidCon silly-fun:

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-Long and Sarah, Vacation in Anaheim